Day Center


Day Center - Lar Dona Ana Pacheco

The Lar Dona Ana Pacheco, in Odemira, provides a day center for all elders, pso they can spend a busy day, along with sociocultural animators and a professional and experienced team, providing them all necessary care.

In our day center you can enjoy various recreational activities throughout the day and will have our full support in terms of home support and follow-up to the doctor whenever necessary.

We also have a responsible team that will pick you up and take you home at the end of the day.

Ativities for the Elderly

  • Walks
  • Painting Techniques
  • Cinema Afternoons
  • Decorative Arts
  • Festival of Popular Parades
  • Musical Afternoons
  • Birthday Commemoration
  • Geriatric Gymnastics
    Among many other activities.

Day Center Services

In addition to having our full support during the day, in our facilities, where you benefit from various activities that will keep you busy and with healthy meals, we also give you support in other areas:
  • Hygiene, image and comfort care
  • Recovery and reintegration in daily life activities
  • Assistance for mobility S
  • upport in therapeutic administration, by prescription
  • Psychosocial support
  • Follow-up visits to the exterior
  • Accompaniment to appointments, medical tests, leisure activities, among others
  • Support in domestic services (by value added)
  • Support in clothes treatment
  • Support for the acquisition of goods and services
  • Access to our team of doctors and nurses

Daycare Centre - Monthly Fee Calculation

Day Center Services Contract:

Daycare Centre - Monthly Fee Calculation

Day Center Services - Addendum to the Contract:

Conventional Agreements

Our Nursing Home for the Elderly has an agreement with Social Security.
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